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Taking the Complexity Out
of Disability Income Insurance

As we celebrate DIAM, consider helping your clients by taking the complexity out of disability income insurance. As a marketing strategist, I’ve sat in several disability training sessions and seen the eyes of new agents just gloss over.


Perspectives Magazine
Spring 2019

Perspectives magazine explores various issues, subjects and trends impacting America's independent brokerage agencies and advisors. Our Spring 2019 edition features insight on DI Solutions, LTC Myths & Facts, Social Media advice, Understanding IUL Illustrations and more!


Bait-and-Switch Makes Client Poor, Agent Rich 

Shell Game

You can’t have an ethical mindset when your conscience is seared. The critics of life insurance proposals that illustrate high interest rates are nothing new. Reg. AG 49 attempted to curb proposed high interest rates in illustrations to conform to the company’s actual experience (maybe?).


Practice + Preparation = IMPACT

Do More: Prepare

Excellent insight for BGA Principals to share with their top advisors: The best professionals in our business possess many of the same characteristics as top athletes – drive, intensity and competitive spirit are just a few examples. Here are few areas of practice and preparation that some of the top advisors use on a regular basis...

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