Belong, Connect, Grow with NAILBA

Belong, Connect & Grow! It’s not just a tagline, it is the new brand for NAILBA. We believe these three words represent the heritage of NAILBA, the Annual Meeting experience, the professional and business-building benefits of participating in the association, and the forward motion of our member agencies and industry.

BELONG: The power of belonging. If you are a Brokerage General Agency, you belong with NAILBA. We are the voice of independent brokerage distribution. No other organization represents your interests in both industry and advocacy. We are not funded by those who do not support independent brokerage. Simply put, belonging to NAILBA provides you with the information and resources to position your agency for continued success. Membership gives your agency a “seat at the table.” In Washington, D.C., if you are not at the table, you are on the menu!

“You are part of the future. You are the ones who can make a difference. You are the ones who will keep us strong. You are the ones who will continue to grow independent brokerage and NAILBA has your back!”
Myra Palmer, 2019 NAILBA Chairperson, The Palmer Agency
@ #NAILBA37 Remarks to Membership.

CONNECT: The NAILBA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of independent life brokerage agencies. From member agency principals and staff, to insurance and financial carrier executives, and senior leadership teams from more than 100+ sponsors and exhibitors who provide BGA technologies and services, NAILBA's Annual Meeting is where the brokerage industry meets. It is where relationships are built. It is where business gets done! Where would you or your agency be without NAILBA? Would your study group exist? Membership in NAILBA allows you to discover the “Hallway Magic” of powerful NAILBA networking and connect with other industry professionals both online and in-person.

"NAILBA 37 was one of the best NAILBA Annual Meetings I can recall. I’ve been to all of them except the first two. They’ve all been good to great. This was great."
Art Jetter, CEO, Art Jetter & Company 

"I can tell you after 22 years of attendance NAILBA 37 was the best opening session we have ever had!"
Tess Grace, Senior Vice President, Mutual of Omaha

GROW: Your NAILBA membership dues are invested in you. We strive to provide the highest quality benefits and services possible. In many cases, participation in just one of these benefit programs will recoup your annual membership fee. We understand and appreciate the value of your dollars spent on membership and work hard to provide you the best service, products, and programs. We support our members at every stage of their careers and provide them with an ever-growing list of discounted products, services, and opportunities. NAILBA membership grows your agency.

“NAILBA’s founders believed in consumer choice and doing the right thing for the consumer by letting them have freedom to choose the best and most affordable products from a wide range of insurance carriers. These are the guiding, noble principles our Association was founded upon. Future NAILBA leaders will continue to make our Association “the most consumer-friendly Association, delivering the most consumer value, in the world.”
Michael Tessler, President, Brokerage Unlimited, Inc.
2018 Douglas Mooers Award for Excellence Recipient

NAILBA’s success hinges on our members' success; it's all about you. Sometimes to achieve future success, however, we need to embrace the changes all around us. NAILBA navigated through change the past few years and have positioned the organization for greater success with increased value proposition.

In 2018, NAILBA delivered a new website with updated resources (webinars, podcasts, resource materials, etc.) and association management software that will greatly enhance member service. Member agencies can finally renew membership dues online!  We will be able to better identify services members most value and want and track key metrics in our ability to deliver those items.

NAILBA’s 2019 agenda includes new digital engagement via with exclusive industry content, expansion of membership throughout independent brokerage, revised and increased professional development opportunities, industry diversity and inclusion initiatives, amplified outreach to federal and state legislative branches, and regulatory agencies on proposals and policies impacting NAILBA members and the industry.

Now is the time for you to RENEW your 2019 Membership. Your continued support is requested and more than ever, appreciated. Renew online

NAILBA, we are the voice of independent brokerage distribution.

Dan LaBertDan LaBert is the Chief Executive Officer of NAILBA. He can be reached via email and phone 703.884.1525.