ASNG Call for Subject Matter Experts

Did you know that the goal of the NAILBA ASNG is to provide leadership, management, and skill training to ensure the success of these new agency leaders, while allowing them to build a network and support group of other new leaders to help them grow their agencies in the years to come. In order to help facilitate this, the ASNG conducts monthly teleconferences facilitated by a subject matter expert in many business areas. We are looking for volunteers for the 2017 calendar year to speak to this high powered group of industry leaders to address a variety of essential and current topics.


Teleconference Length: 60 minutes

  • Experts will provide handouts or PPT in addition to conducting a 60 minute call (to include time for q&a).
  • Experts waive all rights to recording of teleconference for later reference for ASNG members not able to be on the live call.
  • Enhances your personal and/or your company brand.
  • Exposure to prospective new clients.
  • Become a respected thought-leader in our industry.
Apply to be a speaker!