AML Information for NAILBA Agency Affiliated Producers

Thank you for using the NAILBA/LIMRA FREE Anti-Money Laundering Training – provided to you as a benefit by your NAILBA partner agency. This training program takes just a few minutes, but meets all federal requirements.

Please note:
Federal law requires insurance agents and brokers to complete Anti-Money Laundering Training. Each agent or broker MUST create their own account and log-in to the AML Training System, and MUST complete the training on their own. It is unlawful to have someone complete the training FOR you. Having someone complete the training for you or using another individual’s account to access the training system constitutes fraud and may be punishable under federal law.

It’s easy to take advantage of this FREE training:

Step 1 – Log-on to the AML Training at the website provided by your agency.

Or go to

Step 2 – If you have already completed the base training through LIMRA, it’s easy - simply log back into the system, checking to be sure that you have noted your affiliation with your NAILBA member referring agency during the login process, and complete the AML training. The training takes about 30 minutes, and on completion, any insurance carriers that you selected will be notified of your completion upon request by the carrier.

If you completed your initial AML training elsewhere, you can still create an account on the LIMRA site to complete training, but you will have to complete the base course in addition to any updates required. You should also complete any carrier-specific training listed on the site.

Step 3 – That’s all there is to it! Please note that each carrier has their own requirements, and may have additional training on the site that must be completed to fulfill their requirements. You will also be required to complete periodic refresher training, the frequency of which will vary from carrier to carrier. Please contact the individual carriers for questions about specific company requirements.

How the NAILBA/LIMRA AML Training System works:
The NAILBA/LIMRA AML training program works by using a login that includes your first and last name and your National Producer Number (NPN). By using this information as the login, the system can link the course completion information and results to the information submitted by the insurance carriers regarding the agents with whom they do business.

NOTE: Using incorrect or fake login information will result in results not being reported out to the insurance carriers, as there is no way to link the user back to any agent record with the insurance carrier. Enter your information carefully!

If you have taken NAILBA/LIMRA training in the past, but forgot your password, use the “forgot password” link on the login page to access your training. DO NOT create a new account using incorrect or fake information simply to gain access to the course.

Using the login information, the system links the course results to the agent, and AUTOMATICALLY notifies the insurance carrier of course completion. You WILL NOT receive any notification of completion, nor is there any sort of completion page/certificate that needs to be sent to the insurance carrier by you.

On completion, any insurance carriers who have requested notification for that particular producer and that particular training will be notified of the completion. For example, if your agent is appointed with Company X and Company X has requested that the agent takes the 2016 AML Update, once the agent completes the 2016 AML Update, Company X will automatically be notified of the completion of the 2016 AML Update.

When you submit your appointment application to any insurance carriers, you should note that you will be taking the NAILBA/LIMRA AML training. This will trigger the carrier to request completion data for you for the AML training.

Additional questions? Call NAILBA at 703-383-3081.