Foundation Flash - March 2012

NAILBA Charitable FoundationMany of us – including me – still need to renew our NAILBA membership. Did you notice that your renewal form now includes an opportunity to add a donation to the NAILBA Charitable Foundation with your renewal payment? What could be easier?

Donating online may be even easier. In honor of our 10th Anniversary, and acknowledging that a majority of charitable giving is through online donations, the NAILBA Charitable Foundation can now accept your gift electronically! Simply visit to make your donation.

As we gear up toward Grant Application "season" later this spring it's important to remember – we can only help support the charities in your community with funds donated to our Foundation! Donate today, whether it's $10,000 for 10 years of giving, or something less—your contribution counts.

Can we count on you?

With gratitude for your continued support of the Foundation-

Myra Palmer, President
NAILBA Charitable Foundation