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November 21, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now presents and congratulates our Mooers Award Winner, John Deremo, and our Chairman's Award Winner, John Gilbert; look for the NAILBA 36 evaluation survey coming soon, Charitable Foundation auction - did your bid win something, read to know follow up; thank you Exhibitors and Sponsors for NAILBA 36 and more!

October 24, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now wraps up some details for #NAILBA36 including compelling reasons to stay until Saturday, LBTC meeting and survey, what to do if you forgot to register, and important information for advertisers, exhibitors and sponsors.

October 10, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now shares the new CEO announcement, a new keynote speaker for Friday's General Session at #NAILBA36, a new after-dinner dance party for the evening following the Mooers Award Dinner, and more! Advertising deadlines coming up for January's issue of Perspective magazine!

September 26, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now welcomes a new member, shares details about registration and hotel reservations for #NAILBA36, Mooers Award Dinner seating procedures, an invitation to the LBTC meeting at #NAILBA36, and more. Plus, an all new Exhibitor/Advertiser/Sponsor corner from Ellen!

September 12, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now welcomes two new members, shares special event details for #NAILBA36, a link to the AALU September Advocacy update, Life Happens and LBTC meeting and survey links, plus new information for Exhibitors/Advertisers and Sponsors. Read it online here!

August 29, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now features deadlines for NAILBA 36 registration, LBTC Information, NAIFA Performance and Purpose, Life Happens! Read it online here!

August 15, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now features NAILBA 36 reservations and registration, AALU update, Mooers nomination deadline! Read it online here!

August 1, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now has deadline extensions for Mooers Award nominations, ad sales, and a new LBTC Survey. Read it online here! 

July 18, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now has updated NAILBA 36 information, a link to the newest LBTC Survey, an invitation to submit a nomination for the coveted Mooers Award, an update and job description on the NAILBA CEO search, a discount for NAILBA members to attend NAIFA's P+P, Life Happens Real Life Stories application and more! 

July 4, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now welcomes two new member agencies, provides a link to the current LBTC Survey, hotel reservations and registration instructions for #NAILBA36, and more! 

June 20, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now welcomes Ellen Toups to the team, provides timelines for #NAILBA36 registration and a link to hotel reservations. There are also updates from AALU, Life Happens, and more. 

June 6, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now shares more staff updates, provides nomination materials for the 2017 Mooers Award, Foundation Matching Donation information and Grant Application procedures, plus #NAILBA36 timelines and more. An important update to exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers is included.

May 23, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now introduces more staff support and says farewell to our retiring CEO, Jack Chiasson. There's also information about NAILBA 36 Hotel reservations, Foundation activities, and more. A special message to exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers is also included.

May 9, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now welcomes NAILBA's new Meetings Specialist to the team, important Foundation and Grant Application instructions, Hotel Reservation information and upcoming deadlines, extensions and updates for Exhibitors, Sponsors and Advertisers. 

April 25, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now includes some teaser information about NAILBA 36 hotel reservations, more information about the Foundation's activities, several opportunities to engage with our sister organizations and important information for our exhibitor, sponsor and advertiser partners.

April 11, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now shares important Foundation information, reminders about valuable members-only benefits and DIAM resources from Life Happens. The exhibitor/advertiser/sponsor corner includes important payment and hospitality space deadlines. 

March 28, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now welcomes a new member, shares retirement news about NAILBA's CEO, invites member participation in committees, the MyVoice program and more. The exhibitor/advertiser/sponsor corner includes an all-new special offer! 

March 14, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now features several exclusive member benefits, including educational resources, advocacy updates and discounts to affiliated meetings. The exhibitor/advertiser/sponsor corner also features new information exclusive to our corporate supporters.

February 28, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now shares yet another new members-only benefit, as well as information from our collaborative partners at LBTC, NAIFA, AALU, Life Happens and the Leaders Group. New information is included for exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors, too!

February 14, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now shares a new members-only benefit, reminders about membership renewals, the LBTC kick off meeting, opportunities to register for upcoming affiliated conferences, follow up on the webinar from AALU, and great information for exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors.

January 31, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now features multiple opportunities for NAILBA member agency principals and staff to attend conferences and webinars free or at a discount, thanks to their NAILBA membership. Opportunities to engage with AALU, LBTC, Life Happens and NAIFA are included. And as always, there's an entire section just for our valued corporate supporters.

January 17, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now provides details on membership renewals and multiple member benefits, including Perspectives, NAILBA 35 follow ups, conference discounts, Life Happens opportunities and more. And as always, featured information specifically for our valued corporate supporters. 

January 3, 2017: This week's NAILBA Now provides reminders about deadlines for membership renewal and the ASNG Call for Experts. Also included are highlights from NAILBA 35, information from Life Happens, and updates for exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors. 


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