Event Advertising

NAILBA 36 - November 16-18, 2017

Unique to Venue (Event) Advertising Opportunities

The Diplomat Resort and spa offers multiple unique high visibility advertising opportunities. With the exception of the hotel area banners, all of these advertising investments include graphic production, installation and removal. Graphics will be installed by Wednesday, November 15 and will remain in place until Saturday, November 18 – four days of continuous promotion of your company, product, service or message! 

The 2017 Promotional Opportunities guide includes additional details and photos of the Event Advertising opportunities listed below. 

Click here to download the NAILBA 36 Event Advertising contract


Make a great first impression with this banner as attendees enter the hotel! 

A. Main Entrance Banner
Investment: $18,000 303” W x 146” H (16 windows) 


These interior advertisements make a large and lasting impression and will be seen by attendees several times a day.

B/C. Sliding Door Décor (Reg Desk)
Investment: $8,000 each
B. Level 2 / C. Level 3
Left Door (104” W x 128.5” H - 20 Panel Window)
Right Door (104” W x 128.5” H - 20 panel Window)

D. Escalators
Investment: $25,000
From Level 1 to Ballroom Level 2
832” W x 30.5” H
(1) Double-sided (3) Single-sided

E. Escalators SOLD to AXA
Investment: $36,000
From Level 2 to Great Hall Level 3
103.5” W x 30.5” H
(2) Double-sided (2) Single-sided

F/G. Column Wraps
Investment: $3,000 each
F. Level 2 - Grand Ballroom Level
G. Level 3 - Great Hall Level
Ten (10 total) - 10’ H x Different measurements for each column

H. Escalator Wall SOLD to AIG
Investment: $5,000
Between Ballroom Level 2 & Great Hall Level 

I. Level 1 Walking Bridge Wall Graphic SOLD to AIG
Investment: $5,000
From Level 2 to Great Hall Level 3
224” W x 96” H (over exit doors to hotel lobby) J. Level 1 Walking Bridge - Courtyard Side Windows
Exclusive Investment: $21,000
A,C,D,F: $3,600 each
B: $5,400
E: $1,800

K. Level 1 Walking Bridge - Pool Side Windows

Exclusive Investment: $43,000
A,C,D,F: $7,200 each
B: $10,800
E: $3,600

L. Level 1 Walking Bridge - Entrance/Exit Windows
Investment: $8,200
178” W x 103” H Double-sided

M. Level 2 Walking Bridge - Courtyard Side Windows
Exclusive Investment: $22,400
A & C: $6,400 each
B: $9,600

N. Level 2 Walking Bridge - Pool Side Windows
Exclusive Investment: $16,000
A & C: $6,000 each
B: $9,000

O. Entrance to Level 2 Windows
Investment: $3,000 each
178.75” W x 68.25” H

P. Exit from Level 2 Bridge Windows
Investment: $6,000


These areas of the resort are frequently used as arrival and departure points for groups and will provide high level visibility

Q. Escalators
Investment: $10,000
Lower Level to Hotel Level 1
417” W x 30.5” H per side - 4 Single-sided Graphics

R. Stair Case Graphics
Investment: $10,000
Graphics cover the front of each individual stair riser to give the impression of an accordion graphic

S. Mirror Graphic
Investment: $3,000
132” W x 120” H


The pedestrian bridge from the resort to the shops and dining at the Landings offers both interior and exterior advertising opportunities. As guests arrive or depart the hotel, your exterior banner is sure to draw their attention and get your message seen. The interior banners are cost effective ways to make an impression as our attendees cross A1A to the many entertainment options at the Landings.

T. Exterior Large Banner
Investment: $50,000 each (2 areas)
732” W x 206” H

U. Interior Small Banners SOLD to InsMark, Inc. (2)
Exclusive Investment: $19,000
Investment: $800 each (22 Areas still available / minimum order of 2 banners)
84” W x 32” H


Your message will be displayed on the door of the elevator noted for the duration of the meeting. These high traffic areas will surely deliver high visibility for your ad!

V. Elevators - Hotel North & South Lobbies SOLD to Zurich American Life Insurance Company (2), Welcome Funds, Inc. (4),  Mutual of Omaha (2)
Investment: $2,500 per elevator
6 banks - 3 Levels / 28 elevators still available 42” W x 84” H

W. Elevators - Convention Center Lobby
Investment: $2,500 per elevator
4 banks - 3 Levels / 12 elevators 42” W x 84” H 


Diplomat Landings offers dining and entertaining options for guests of the resort, connected to the hotel by a pedestrian walkway, and adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway. This beautiful setting is convenient to guests and offers prime advertising space.

X. Escalators
Investment: $12,000
Four (4) Single-sided Panels
531” W x 30.5” H

Y. Column Wraps
Investment: $3,000 each
Four (4) available
159” W x 108” H


NAILBA understands that some companies want a unique and creative way to share their message. We’ve worked with the Diplomat to develop some additional opportunities for you to highlight your presence at NAILBA 36!

AA. Hotel Key Card SOLD to Protective Life Insurance Company
Investment: $15,000
After the day’s business is done, attendees will have yet another opportunity to see your branding or product message and booth promotion every time they use their room key. Your investment includes 4-color production of your message on one side of the card, distributed to all NAILBA hotel guests.

BB. Key Card Presentation Folder SOLD to Protective Life Insurance Company
Investment: $10,000
A great marketing tool to highlight your ad campaign, hospitality event, booth promotion, new product information – or all of it! Guests will carry this key folder – and your message – the entire length of their stay! Double key presentation folder, distributed with room keys at guest check in. Includes four (4) panels of artwork.

CC. Hotel Room Door Hanger
Investment: $7,500
Create a customized message for NAILBA 36 attendees to see when they return to their room at the end of the day, or as they start their day in the morning. Your detachable message will be printed on the door hanger and attached to the doors of guests who are NAILBA 36 attendees. Hospitality invite? Booth incentive? Advertisement? You decide. Your message, their door!