My Voice


My Voice is the ability for NAILBA to weigh in on important issues facing our industry to ensure that NAILBA members can be heard, and can have the power and clout of NAILBA behind them.

The Chair-Elect will serve as the contact point for bringing up issues, and will be the lead for the discovery stage on potential issues that NAILBA should take up. Investigation/data gathering will be done by NAILBA staff at Chair-Elect’s direction. Together, Staff and Chair-Elect will determine if an issue will be brought to the Executive Committee and/or the full Board of Directors for discussion. When warranted or necessary, outside experts (ie., legal, technical, etc.) may also be included in the discussion as well.

Examples of issues that My Voice can address include contractual issues with an individual carrier; the impact the sale of Lincoln Benefit had on the industry and the membership; challenges with timely receipt of APS summaries from vendors.

My Voice will NOT address issues such as compensation disputes or chargeback issues for individual member agencies; it may decide to address these types of issues in a broader sense if it determines that the issue affects the industry rather than an individual. My Voice will not become involved in political campaigns in any manner.

The Executive Committee (or the Board) will also determine what form the response will take – a letter to, or a conference call with, the appropriate senior management at the identified carrier or vendor, or other action.

The Chair-Elect will follow up directly with the member who brought up the issue to advise them of what – if any – the action will be.


How do I bring an issue up to My Voice? 

A NAILBA member agency can bring an issue to the attention of My Voice in a variety of ways:

  • Via the NAILBA Network (NAILBA’s online community.) Additionally, the Chair-Elect and the Staff will always be on the lookout for discussions that may benefit from My Voice assistance.
  • By email –
  • By telephone – to the NAILBA CEO at 703.383.3066. (Please note: A phone call will generate a request for a written outline of the issue that can be presented to the Chair-Elect and or the Executive Committee.)

 Download a printable PDF about My Voice here.

Each person involved in the MyVoice program must be mindful of the constraints imposed by federal and state antitrust laws. Member agencies and others in the brokerage community represent companies that are in direct business competition with one another. NAILBA’s purpose is to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas on the designated topics of the industry. It is not the purpose of this program or any of its actions to reach any agreement that could have anticompetitive effects. Individuals must keep in mind that a violation of the antitrust laws may subject them to substantial fines and a jail term. You can avoid problems by following simple guidelines. Use the program as outlined above. Informal sessions should NOT be held. Discussions about recent past (within the past 3-6 months), current or future pricing and premiums should be avoided. Likewise, discussions of benefits to be offered or terminated, and who should or should not be covered, should also be avoided. The Justice Department views these types of discussions with concern and suspicion. Even without explicit agreements to fix prices or standardize other provisions, such discussions could be construed as “telegraphing” future price or benefit levels that would enable competitors to raise prices without fear of being undercut. Never take a poll of people’s positions or make a collective agreement on these issues. Always retain your right to make an independent judgment on behalf of your company. NAILBA is dedicated to the purpose of assisting all of its members in achieving their competitive potential.



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