Jack Chiasson, CAE
Jack Chiasson
Chief Executive Officer
(703) 383-3066

Kathy Allison
Kathy Allison
Director, Membership and the Foundation
(703) 383-3072

Susan D. Haning, CEM, CMP
Susan D. Haning
Director, Business Development
(703) 383-3068

Susan Klemmer
Susan Grimes
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
(703) 383-3071

Rachel Marineau, CMP 
Rachel Marineau

Manager, Meetings and Education
(703) 383-3069

Meredith Maslich
Meredith Maslich
Administrative Coordinator
(703) 383-3074

Sarah O'Hanley, CEM
Sarah O'Hanley
Manager, Exhibits, Sponsorships and Advertising
(703) 383-3076

John Tong
John Tong
Director, Administration and Operations
(703) 383-3067