Annual Report


As my year in service as your Chairman closes, I offer my congratulations on a great year to my fellow Board members, my gratitude to our committee leadership and staff, and my optimism in our future strategic direction. Our activities this year were designed to position us to remain relevant to our members and to continue to influence and enrich the brokerage community.

This year, your Board of Directors focused on identifying strategic priorities to enable future leadership to guide the association in new directions.  We looked at new ways to support the financial services and brokerage community, reviewed and began the daunting task of revising our Strategic Plan, and developed a new and improved Annual Meeting, thanks to feedback from our members, exhibitors, and sponsors.

As you will see in other areas of this Annual Report, we have continued our collaborations with affiliated organizations in the financial services and brokerage community. We continue to support the work of Life Happens (brought to you by the LIFE Foundation),, and others representing your interests to consumers and on Capitol Hill. We supported the Independent Advisors Networking event at the NAIFA Career Conference to help independent advisors recognize the value of working with NAILBA member agencies. We shared the MDRT Agency Management Program with you to provide a forum for you to connect your producers with new opportunities. We connected our members with the Life Brokerage Technology Committee (LBTC) to ensure that the technology needs of brokerage were represented. This year, we offered our support to the Coalition on Annuity Awareness, an effort led by NAFA to launch an annual Annuity Awareness month each June.  Moving forward, our strategic initiatives will continue to link NAILBA member needs with the myriad offerings of other like-minded organizations including AALU, NAIFA, NAFA, LIDMA, and others, as well as new programs and products developed by and for NAILBA members.

After NAILBA 32, a Board Task Force was appointed to re-vamp the Annual Meeting, in response to feedback from members, exhibitors, and sponsors. The Annual Meeting schedule was stripped down and re-built, content was reviewed and revised to ensure relevance, and new opportunities for networking were identified and implemented.  We are excited to launch the new NAILBA 33, and anticipate that these changes will kick off a new era of renewed enthusiasm and support for the many benefits the meeting and the association provide to the brokerage community.

Finally, this spring the Board of Directors and select leaders from the membership met to review and revise the Strategic Plan. After hundreds of hours of groundwork by this dedicated group with leadership by a strategic consultant, guidance from the membership was needed. A third-party research firm was engaged to conduct a thorough Member Survey, which was completed at the end of the summer. Your Board has worked diligently to incorporate the findings into a Strategic Plan that will be launched at NAILBA 33.

My successor will lead the organization into a very bright future, indeed, thanks to your guidance. Your help will be required to drive NAILBA forward.  To implement the Strategic Plan, we will need many of you to step up and join us in committee service to NAILBA. Find the Volunteer Interest Form at the back of this Annual Report (or on the website or at the NAILBA booth at NAILBA 33), and complete and return it to NAILBA’s headquarters office.  As part of our commitment to making the changes you want, we will be reviewing and revising the way we marshal our volunteer resources. To that end, as we identify our volunteer needs we will be creating ways to allow you to contribute your talents with a minimal impact on your time away from your own business. I strongly encourage you to volunteer during this exciting time of change and growth. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Chairman. It has been my honor and privilege.

Barbara Crowley
2014 NAILBA Chairman