NAILBA - AALU Partnership

March 2, 2015

The insurance industry overall is under scrutiny and pressure now more than ever. The brokerage community is experiencing “regulation creep” that will significantly impact our ability to do business in the future. Legislators with no real understanding of what we do and the benefits of our products are making decisions about issues that will affect our products, our business, and our customers for years to come.

AALU has an extensive legislative and advocacy outreach, and is considered to be one of the most effective voices in our industry. As part of our Strategic Plan launched in 2015, the NAILBA Board of Directors was pleased to partner with AALU to strengthen NAILBA’s government affairs and lobbying efforts.

Through this partnership, the AALU provides all government affairs services including opportunities for personal political involvement to the brokerage community represented by NAILBA. The AALU will also represent NAILBA in the Secure Family Coalition.

What does this mean to NAILBA member agencies?

AALU offers these tangible advocacy tools:

  • NAILBA Now: AALU will be providing regular Government Affairs Updates;
  • Perspectives: A column in each issue will provide an overview of timely and pertinent legislative and regulatory issue updates;
  • Issues Alerts will be provided to NAILBA member agency principals, identifying immediate and ongoing concerns and recommended responses by members.
  • Meeting and webinar invitations for non-AALU members

How can you increase your engagement?

  • Complete and return a Volunteer Interest Form and indicate your willingness to be involved in government affairs and advocacy efforts on behalf of NAILBA.
  • Share with NAILBA any existing relationships you have with legislators.
  •  Stay informed and participate in the opportunities this Joint Venture will be providing for you to make your voice heard.

NAILBA will provide content for the AALU’s professional development programs targeted to the needs of the brokerage community and will continue to provide professional development and networking opportunities for life brokerage firms.

Completed forms and constituent/legislator relationships or questions can be sent to the Board of Directors via Jack Chiasson, NAILBA CEO at or by phone to 703.383.3081.

I encourage your active participation in this exciting and industry shaping initiative.


David Long, 2015 NAILBA Chairman


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